Please thoroughly read all policies below. Each client is responsible for being aware and following these policies. A copy will also be sent to every client to read and sign before the start of each project and will act as a contract between client and designer.

After a contract is signed and payment is made, the client has 30 days to initiate contact. If no contact is made after 30 days, the project expires.

If at any point the client discontinues communication, fails to submit necessary content or corrections for 30 days or more, the project will be null and void. In the event of an unexpected event that will delay your design project, please reach out to me prior to the 30-day mark to make arrangements.

All quotes for custom projects are valid for 14 days. Pricing listed on the website is subject to change.

All answers given in response to a design questionnaire determine the direction of your project so please take extra precaution in making sure all you your answers are well thought out.

Your questionnaire is seen as a contract.

After the questionnaire is received, we will have a chance to discuss your answers and clarify anything that is unclear. A follow up email will be sent to you after this discussion outlining any changes we discussed please sent a response acknowledging you receive this in order to initiate the design process. 

If after reviewing the initial concepts you decide you’d like to go in another direction with the design (i.e. a different illustration or concept), that is certainly okay however additional fees will be incurred.

All project timelines should be discussed before a project has begun.

The creative process is broken up into three parts and dependent on what your project is, this will all be discussed in our initial meeting and specifically outlined in the policies packet you are sent. 

Before a project to begin, the client must send back acknowledgment of policies, payment, the client questionnaire, . Once these things have been receive. Project scheduling can happen. The sooner I receive these, the sooner we can start your project!

Clients purchasing commissioned business collateral projects, outside of  the logo mark/branding package, must have content (text and images) prepared. All components should be submitted via email. 

Our main form of contact will be email this way all progress and questions are documented. Please make an effort to respond to all emails within 48 hours. this will help keep your project timeline on track. Any responses after this timeframe may effect your delivery date. 

Please refrain for sending check-in emails. If there are any questions and concerns, i will contact you ass soon as they arrive. If a check in email is sent, please do not expect a direct response. 

If necessary, phone calls must be scheduled. Calls are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays. 

For each design project, there must be 1 point of contact. If a group of individuals must approve a design, the group must choose 1 representative to maintain contact. The point of contact person may not change during the design process.

The design editing process is conducted through email. Once design concept(s) have been submitted to the client, a written response with edit requests or approval is required within 3 business days. Responses received after 3 business days may delay the editing/design refining process. If you expect you may need more than 3 days, please send me a note letting me know.

Each specification for editing a design project should be written out in a numbered, itemized list. Edits apply to one design (not to multiples) and do not include several variations on the design, but a single new composition based on edit requests. Following directions for submitting proper feedback is required.

Each commissioned design piece is allowed 3 rounds of edits unless otherwise noted. The fees for any additional rounds of editing will depend on the estimated time it will take to make the edits.

It is the client’s responsibility to proof all files (draft, proof or final) to ensure accuracy.

If final files have been sent and an error is found or a change is necessary, please inquire directly for editing pricing. The client is 100% responsible for all proofing.

Rounds of edits do not include new illustrations or new designs.

It is the client’s responsibility to secure proper licensing for images or font styles, if necessary.

Refunds and/or cancellations are not available.

Any design project is complete once  final files have been approved and sent. Once files are sent, it is the clients responsibility to keep track of the work. Resubmission will incur a fee

Additional versions of a final logo beyond what is included in a standard package are considered a separate purchases. 

Once a custom logo design is complete and the final files have been submitted, the client is the sole owner of the logo design and can print and redistribute in any way they see fit. The client does not own the rights to any other versions of the design or other concepts presented.

Custom projects are made specifically for a single client and will not be sold to anyone else. Pre designed logos are not custom and can be sold to any client.

All custom design projects may be showcased in our portfolio or on our social media sites (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) , including a version different than the logo version chosen by the client. If for some reason you would prefer for your project to remain confidential, mention this before we begin.