We soon welcome you to Flatform Studios' first-ever interactive exhibition, #ASLONGASITSDOPE coming April 2021, created by artists Kaya and Ayana. We’re building this exhibit from the ground up and turning the studio into a museum!

We’ve been scheming on this for a while now, and we’re super excited to be able to open our doors and share it with you, your friends, & their friends, & and their friends!

For two weekends only, our exhibit #ASLONGASITSDOPE will feature a number of dope installations by us for you and your enjoyment with lots of photo ops, so get your outfits ready now y’all!🤳 🤩


Additional Information:

Exhibit Preview (invite only) | April 9!

Exhibit dates | April 15-18, 22-25!

Presale opens March 15!

Adult -$30

Child 14 & below - $25

2 & under -FREE :)


Thursday & Friday 5-9

Saturday & Sunday 11-9